The world has been imprinted and imprisoned by materialistic values and lifestyles where, the ends justify the means. Honesty is a forgotten value. Money, power and fame are religions adored and worshipped. Hypocrisy has become second nature. Ahimsa has slipped out of the mind. Violence is celebrated. The world is turning blind. And rural youth all over the world crave to realize impoverished dreams of an assembly line urban life style. These are unsustainable dreams for people and a planet, witnessing the failure of the industrial revolution and the depletion of its natural resources and energy reserves. For every one, everywhere, all over the world, rich and poor, celebrities and ordinary folk, sweeping past barriers of religion, country and class, in cities, in towns and in villages, the need of the hour is to meet Gandhi, now.

Gandhi Panorama may prove to be a memorable journey of discovery to the life and times of the greatest statesman the world has ever seen: Mahatma Gandhi, i.e. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, through moving images!

Gandhi Panorama will bring to life Mahatma Gandhi as he lived his life, the challenges he faced, the hardships he endured and his amazing wisdom in every crisis. Above all, Gandhi Panorama would focus on the strength and power of compassion to solve life’s toughest problems. The Mahatma spoke about honesty, kindness, about being reasonable, being unbiased, being free of pseudo-intellectualism and being madly in love with one’s country, culture and tradition.

Somewhere in every person’s heart, there lives a stubborn Gandhi who might have been shot by a bullet but who refuses to die. With the help of Gandhi Panorama we would try to reach out to the man who changed the definition of freedom and success forever, with his honesty, his compassion and his understanding.

We will welcome films from any part of the world, which recount memorable events from the life of the Mahatma that demonstrate his adherence to values and beliefs that he preached, ahimsa, simplicity, sincerity and honesty, besides films on his principles, his achievements, his followers, his aspirations, his dreams… any film reminding us of Mahatma. Film can be of any length, format, and language (but subtitle in English or Hindi is a must, if the film is in any other language). Films selected to be screened will get certificate of participation and a memento.